How to Engage and Hire Gen-Z

It was the technology boom era when we recruiters were growing up and the fruits of that boom began to reach us only in the late 2000s in India. We were introduced to technology and many of us took a long time to adapt and just with it. But now technology is evolving fast and the generations after us called Gen-Z were born into the developed technological world, where it was available everywhere and easily accessible. Gen-Zs are more tech-savvy and would prefer the digital mode of hiring more than anyone else.

So let us give you some pointers on how to engage and hire them effectively.


  • To keep them engaged use AI and Texting Automation.

We are at a time where technology has evolved so much that it can mimic humans up to a certain extent and do the basic communication, responding to queries etc. These tools have been incorporated into the everyday applications we use like Email, Calls, SMS etc.

More than half of Gen-Zs smartphone users are always connected to the internet and of these, a majority feel insecure without their mobile phones. These people check their phones at least 100 times a day. They grew up with technology, unlike their predecessors who had to learn about it.

More than 90% of people check their Text messages than Email or phone calls. So it is better to send interview scheduling links and other messages as a Text also together with an Email. By doing so your click rate and open rate will be higher than that of emails. Using AI-incorporated text automation, when you schedule an interview it automatically sends an SMS ( Text Message ) and an Email at the same time.

By including AI and Text automation recruiters can keep candidates up to date and keep them engaged in the process. They are quick to respond to text messages than email by a factor of 5. So use chatbots and so on to make it easy for candidates to schedule or reschedule interviews with ease.


  • On-Demand Video Interviewing.

Gone is the time when office time, 9-5 dictated when you can come for an interview or contact HR etc. Ever since the pandemic began everyone move to Video Interviews and it was a great tool that helped both recruiters and job seekers alike to tide over the situation. But this generation is not working on the traditional 9-5 way. They are more flexible and we recruiters need to change too. We need to be flexible on our side too in order to get the best talent.

Most candidates may be students in their final year or those who are already working or doing internships. So it would be thoughtful from our side to let the candidates determine when they want to attend the interview and schedule it automatically.

Overall employer experiences have a great impact on offer acceptance by candidates, so giving them options and choices is a good way to elevate your company over others.


  • Eradicate Bias by promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through Automation.

Gen-Zs of today are more exposed to the world and its different cultures. They would love to experience it all and are generally more vocal and active about this.

So when he/she receives two competing job offers they will look into the respective companies, their culture, environment and package of course. They want to work in an organisation that is diverse both culturally and racially, so would choose that company over the other even if it’s offering more packages.

Candidates prefer companies that align with their values, and ideals. Also, they are more likely to engage with companies that are perceived to have a fair hiring process. So automate your hiring process and avoid human interference as much as possible, be fair with interviews and online assessments. Let your company and Recruitment process be well known by outsiders ( Students, job seekers ) so that you will have a positive outlook.

This will bring in the best talent to your company and you can keep them in your company for a long. That way it will help with your hiring and bring the costs involved down, it’s a Win-Win situation for both candidates and Recruiters.


Platforms like help you with hiring candidates without any bias or prejudice. With its AI-driven system for tracking and engaging applicants, we keep them engaged at every stage of the process. We don’t let our candidates in the dark after an assessment or interview session. Everyone irrespective of whether they cleared the process or not will get an appropriate Automated Text message/ Email Alert.

So check out for your next Hiring process. Happy Hiring!