How Start ups can increase their Offer Acceptance Rate

In this environment where everyone from Global MNCs to local companies is scrambling to hire the best talent, where does your humble startup company stand?. Everyone needs the talent to stay afloat and grow, but start-ups have the short stick as they do not have the Brand name nor the Salary spending limits of established ones like Zomato, Swiggy, or Ather. Let’s see how startups can leverage their goodwill to get a greater acceptance rate.

Why Startups Struggle with talent acquisition

It is because you are competing with  established brands and MNCs that have a good edge in hiring due to:

  1. They offer a better salary and benefits
  2. They have more presence and branding
  3. They look better in the social circle and on CVs

How Startup can optimize their acceptance rate

Every startup company had their initial struggle to attract talent so don’t fret over it, here are some tips to attract talent.


1) Understand your strength and play to them

You are not a Google or Facebook to offer Millions as a package, understand where your strength lies. Like how you can offer them career development and how easily it is to climb the corporate ladder here than in other companies.

2)  Work on your Branding

Well, you might not be able to spend on your branding as the big guys, but you can strategically brand your company on social media sites and display employee feedback prominently. Show how young and dynamic your workplace is and project it crisply and clearly for people.

3)  Optimize candidate experience and Streamline the selection process.

The candidates having a positive experience with you are more likely to join your company. So almost care must be taken so everything is good and well-received from the get-go. The selection process must be smooth and streamlined. No candidate likes slow and unresponsive hiring. offers you the best and most effective tools to hire top talents without much fuss. We help you build your brand by associating with our candidates and network along with our smooth selection process.