How to bulid a Inclusive Recruiting Pipeline

These days whether you are a small startup or a multinational company it is inevitable that you have a diverse and inclusive recruiting pipeline. Job seekers prefer a company which provides diversity in their work culture and people over a higher-paying non-diverse one. It is well-documented and researched that having a diverse team makes your organisation creative and profitable.

We at Hireclap proactively reach out to candidates from different parts of the country from different sources and makes sure that our job applicant pool reflects the broader job seeker pool of this country.

Here are a few tips to help you in your recruitment pipeline.

Identifying and checking Biases.

What good it does if you go to extreme lengths to have a candidate pool as diverse as you can make if your Hiring team is Biased either consciously or unconsciously. So the first priority should be to make your Hiring Team eliminate all the implicit biases they have. One cannot truly remove this 100% but making them understand and being able to identify these will go on a long way.

Some common areas of bias are:

  • Qualification: Over-reliance on Academic qualifications than on the person itself.
  • Gender: Thinking he/she is not suitable for the job due to their gender
  • Language: Without considering his ability to perform, rejecting one based on language.
  • Age: Biasing based on Age without even hearing from them.

So in order to Hire without these biases train your employees and make sure that multiple people are involved in hiring to reduce bias. Use standardized questions, tests and practices throughout the hiring.

 Spread out your Recruiting

Most companies just post recruitments on their career page and just recruit from those who have applied, so might even publish it on a job portal. But the possibility of it reaching out across the country and to diverse people is rare thereby the talent they hire will also be affected.

It is best to widen your recruitment net, publish your job opportunity on all the job portals, through social media and reach out to Colleges etc. For this, you can make use of recruitment consultants like Hireclap to make your hiring pan India and across diverse groups of people. We have an extensive database of job seekers and have good connections with colleges across the length and breadth of this country.

Building Diversity onto Existing Hiring

For all the positions you are hiring right now, you can simply add a few extra wordings to make it diverse hiring, no need to bring out a new Marketing ad. or have separate hiring for this.

For example, if you are hiring for a QA engineer in Software Testing, you can simply add ” Looking to hire QA engineers in Software Testing; Preference would be for Women who are passionate and Quick learners. ”

Nurturing Long-Term Partnerships

A company especially those where there is a high churn-out rate needs to hire throughout the year. So having to find out candidates each and every time is an inefficient process that is where building long-term partnerships with institutes, colleges and Recruitment Consultants/Agencies come in handy.

A firm can tie up with them and have a pipeline of job seekers ready whenever they need to hire. This will reduce your Hiring time and produces goodwill in public along with Free marketing for the company across these tie-ups.

The company through its tie-ups can sponsor events at a local level and can bring in good talent through these events also.

Shifting your Mindset

If you are an HR or a Hiring team member, how long will you spend looking at a resume? maybe at best 20 seconds. By that time you may have already decided that that applicant is not suitable and you move on to the next. This mindset of screening out candidates is inherent to us all. But what it does is affect our ability to hire the best-qualified persons. You might reject a highly qualified candidate who has the potential to be your next hire.

So change your gears to a screen-in mindset, Instead of looking at candidates to reject them, look at them through the prism of is he/she suitable for this job, and have the calibre to fill this position. You will be amazed at the results and using this you will find out about their other attributes of them.

The positive impact of this change will be immediately visible and in the long run, those who were selected by you will be an asset to the firm.


So in conclusion use the tools and tips effectively as you don’t have control over who applies. These will guide you to hire better and more inclusive, providing much-needed diversity in your workplace. Make your organisation a diverse and culturally appropriate place, as happy employees lead to Better Bottomline.