Group Discussion: Topics and Tips to Prepare.

Nowadays, the primary purpose of an interview is to help the recruiters assess your leadership skills, presentation skills, oratory skills, communication skills, team working skills and other crucial aspects of your personality.

This is crucial now as face-to-face interviews are becoming less of the norm and virtual interviews are being preferred by candidates too. So one of the most popular tasks assigned to ascertain a candidate’s suitability is group discussion. Even in virtual interviews, the recruiter can easily arrange a group discussion with fewer candidates at a time compared to a physical one. So let’s explore what all this avenue offers.

What is group discussion?

You will get the idea about this recruitment process from its very name – ‘group discussion’ or  GD. Group Discussion means talking about something in general where a few members of the group share their thoughts about the allocated GD topics. So, group discussion is an activity where a select group of individuals is given a range of group discussion topics. Members of the group then put forward their views and opinions regarding that topic and take the discussion further. It can also be made in a way where candidates might be assigned a particular position, either for the topic or against the topic of discussion, in this way recruiters can see whether candidates can work around things and present their case in a meaningful way.

Group discussion topics related to social issues

Group Discussions can be on any topic, but the most popular ones are focused on social issues. When a social issue like triple talaq or women’s rights is discussed, different group members are likely to have varied views and opinions, making for a healthy discussion. Including current or recent social issues can make the recruits understand how well-informed or well-read the candidates are.

There might be some confusion in your mind as to which perspective is right and which is wrong. You should always stay true to what you believe and present your arguments in a calm, pleasant way. When you are participating in a group discussion, then be ready for conflicting viewpoints. Just because someone else is confident in his/her point of view, it doesn’t mean you are wrong. You should stand by your viewpoint and make relevant points, invoke studies, and reports to back your claims up.

Some of the most relevant GD topics for interviews related to social issues are: –

  • Whether the practice of triple talaq should have been banned or not?
  • Should female employees be granted period (menstrual) leave?
  • Is India becoming a developed nation?
  • Should work from home be continued now that covid-19 is less?
  • Should every account on Instagram be verified to prove the user’s authenticity?
  • Can boys also perform the duties of nurses?
  • Do you think being a housewife is a full-time job?
  • Is India losing its own culture and tradition with the rapid westernization?
  • Should India Privatise its PSUs?

Group discussion topics related to current affairs and politics

The general topics for the interview are related to current affairs and politics. One needs to be up to date with the latest developments in the political arena to put forth valid and effective points based on the subject. There are chances you might have formed an opinion based on something you vaguely saw in the media but that could be wrong. So, it is very important to get your facts right.

Then some topics can feature in a group discussion which can have multiple perspectives. For example, if the topic requires you to share your opinion about the  NRC and Labour code amendment, your views should be based on informed and unbiased reports. It is always recommended that you go through the facts, graphs, dates, agendas, and details about the topic available in multiple sources to make an impact in the group discussion.

Some of the most important GD topics for interviews related to current affairs and politics are: –

  • What do you think about Mamata Banerjee’s historic win in the recent Bengal elections?
  • What is your opinion about the hike in fuel prices?
  • Is changing the name of cities in India a political agenda?
  • Do our History books needs a revision?
  • Does providing free transportation facilities to women in Delhi metros and buses ensure women’s empowerment?
  • What do you think about the Gold smuggling case in Kerala?
  • Is there a political agenda behind political parties offering support to the protesting farmers?
  • The war in Ukraine is whose fault?

Group discussion topics related to sports and education

The Group discussion on topics related to sports and education is a little easier than group discussion based on politics as people are more interested in sports and follow them regularly. But one has to be up to date about all Sports instead of just football or cricket.

You can put forth your viewpoints strongly if you have a clear idea about the latest  New Educational Policy (NEP) and the positive and negative aspects of the new policy. Since all of us have been students at some point in time, we will be aware of the student’s problems and can expect an engaging discussion about education and schooling, syllabus, college, universities and so on.


A few group discussion topics for interviews related to sports and education are: –

  • Which is better: online or offline classes?
  • Should coding be introduced in middle school?
  • Should there be more emphasis given to practical knowledge in the education system of India?
  • How is the NEP helpful?
  • Does NEET prove the ability of a student to become a doctor?
  • Should Physical Education be compulsory till the 12th standard?
  • Should sports be given more attention in school?
  • Why isn’t hockey as popular as cricket?
  • Who is better Ronaldo or Messi?

Group discussion topics related to business and economy

The topics related to business and economy can be a little problematic for individuals who aren’t from a commerce background or aren’t interested in business or the GDP, economy, price hikes and any other topic related to finance or people who are not regular newspaper readers.

To prepare for this, you need to get your concepts right and you must also understand the logic behind different economic trends and their implications.

A few of the best topics for group discussion topics related to business and economics are: –

  • What to do about the rising inflation rate in India?
  • Should the new generation focus on starting entrepreneurial ventures?
  • What is your opinion on the privatisation of most of the public sectors in India?
  • Is the Indian economy flourishing or on the verge of crumbling?
  • How did demonetization affect India?
  • Do you think India’s economy is in safe hands?
  • Should India focus more on public transport modes than on expanding Roads for private cars?


How to Prepare for a Group Discussion?

Here are a few tips on how you can ace your group discussion:

  • Do not have any confusion, Know the facts.
  • Be confident with what you say.
  • Be loud and clear while speaking.
  • Stand by what you believe. Don’t switch sides midway through the discussion.
  • Wait for the right time to speak, and be patient.
  • Listen first and then decide on what points you should counter them.
  • Use your emotions, and voice modulation to express yourself better.
  • Be calm and don’t let others manipulate you to express your views in anger

Group discussion helps with the assessment of a person’s ability to put forward his/her perspective about the topics for group discussion; it also provides the moderator with a glimpse into the various aspects of the personality like anger management and keeping a cool head, it also shows how they navigate through difficult positions thrown at them. So in most recruitments, employers prefer having a GD, especially where there is people-to-people interaction in that job role.