Essentials For Work-From-Home Jobs in 2022

During the covid-19 pandemic outbreak, everyone’s life took a turn for better or for worse and was forced into working from home. Most people enjoyed the process initially as they thought they could manage household work and do their jobs effectively from the comfort of their homes and be at peace. One minute you are cooking your lunch and then attending an office meeting, life was thought to be good. But it didn’t for most of us as we did adjust quickly to the change and that’s when the problems started. In order to be as productive as at the office, we needed to change our workspace to be as conducive to work as possible.

The pandemic made us think about Investing in things that would help us convert the bare desk and chair home-comfort workspace into a productive and efficient professional workspace. But highly productive employees have made good use of this pandemic and brought thongs to turn their Man cave into a professional office space to give them high-quality results. Now let’s see how they made the most of this opportunity by investing in work-from-home essentials.

The basic things that anyone needs for their Work from Home job are a good Laptop/PC along with a decent Internet connection.

Let’s look at what all things are needed to convert your home into a professional workspace:

1)  A Desk

Simple as it may seem, an elegant desk that fit your height and one with the necessary surface area is a must. A desk with a couple of storage spaces is needed if you are handling a lot of paperwork and if you are a coder an ergonomic desk with less storage space is ideal. So choose an ideal Desk that’s perfect for you.

2) A comfortable Desk Chair

As we are working for long hours sitting, a Comfortable yet fitting chair is a must. It must support your body and be comfortable to sit for hours. It shouldn’t deform quickly and give you any backaches. So invest a bit more and get a great quality chair and you can thank me later.

3)  Desk Lamp

An essential feature if you are working for long hours into the night. A good lamp can provide the necessary lighting to your workspace without the need to turn on the entire room lighting. It helps if you are working from your room and do not want to disturb those around you with room lighting. Get a lamp that gives out that incandescent blub ( golden yellowish hue ) colour, It helps to keep your eyes fresh and healthy.

4)  Computer accessories 

Having a Lap or PC is not enough, Some times you need an additional Mouse or keyboard ( wired or wireless ) depending on your work and your comfort. You may also need External storage devices and a good pair of Headphones and wireless neckbands for those long office calls. A good wireless speaker in addition to the ones you have plugged into your systems for playing the music that keeps you calm n motivated to work. Plus have all the cables and connectors ready at a hand distance.

5) Blue Light Filter 

We are literally staring at the Laptop for 10 – 12 hours a day and it’s not at all healthy for our eyes. Our eyes get exposed to high IR, ultraviolet and blue light and in turn, can cause long-term eyesight issues. So either get a Blue light filter screen for your Laptop/PC or get Blue light filter certified Plain Eyeglasses.

6)  Water Bottle

When you all were working from the office you had your tea/coffee/water breaks along with the bottle you bring from home. But now we are working for hours, without colleagues to chill out and during that time we need not remember to drink water/fluids into our body.

So keep a bottle of water with you at all times in your eye line as seeing it will prompt you to drink water.

Stay hydrated Stay Healthy!

7)  Coffee/Tea Mug

Well Starting your day with a hot beverage is the best thing to do and getting up, and taking a break to prepare some more is good for your body and mind. So buy a good mug of your liking and a good coaster.

8)  Stationery Items

Items such as Pens, pencils, and a good notepad to write quick notes are absolutely essential. Plus what all you usually have at your office desk.

9)  Calendar 

Nowadays everything is scheduled online and google calendar does the job. But not everything is like that and you may not remember to put it into the online calendar. So having a physical calendar by your side makes it easy for you to scribble important things and you will be reminded of those every day you see the calendar.

10)  Storage space.

If you are someone with lots of paperwork or have tons of work-related stuff, you need a storage space i.e a File cabinet. It helps you to organise better and keep all your things in one place. Check out Ikea for storage cabins, desks etc.

11)  Plants.

Well, most of you may not have the luxury of living in a house with trees and greenery around. So having some small plants in and around your workplace does help with your mind and make the space oxygen-rich. Also having green office spaces does affect you in a positive way and increases your productivity. Check out ugaoo for plants that suit you.


So follow these tips, and have a comfortable chair and desk along with the other things. Be productive and have a great Work-life Balance.