Asynchronous pre-recorded video interviews -Speed up the hiring time by 80%

In the uncertain and difficult phase of the pandemic , the one thing that kept us together has been technology. Technology aided us by helping us to connect & resume normalcy in a faster and better manner, and there was no exception for the recruitment space as well.

Hireclap introduced Video profiles “Visume” – to hire candidates virtually.The asynchronous 2 minutes video profile provides details about the candidates & why companies should hire them.

– Speed up Hiring

The asynchronous pre-recorded video interviews can speed up the hiring time by 80% – as the recruiters can simply review , rate the candidates as per their convenient time.Also pre recorded videos eliminate the need to schedule a mutually convenient time for interviews.

– Interview more candidates

Recruiters can evaluate the relevant matching video profiles as per their convenience from anywhere, ability to replay , fast forward or share to colleagues .Candidates also have the luxury to capture their video profiles as per their convenience -review , correct and upload the best intro video from their mobile phone or laptop

– Avoid hiring biases

Pre recorded video interviews reduce hiring biases by asking same questions in same way to all candidates.Pre recorded videos allows hiring stakeholders to re-watch the videos – enables collaborate hiring & transparency as a team, to hire the right candidates with ease.

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