Few Job Posting Guidelines to Follow

When you come on a job portal like Hireclap.com  to publish a job opportunity and connect with candidates, you expect it to be a smooth and simple process. Usually, when u hit post job after entering all the details you have, you expect it to be posted on our page and be visible to job seekers. But sometimes it may not turn out to be like that, you may get a mail saying your job posting has been deleted or is on hold until further notice. It is frustrating and time-wasting, but the reason behind it usually tends to be a violation of the job post guidelines. Every job site has these guidelines that are there to ensure that the jobs are of high-quality and real, thereby helping you target the right talents.

So here are a few job posting guidelines to follow in order to get your job posted:

1.   Post the job as Hiring for one person

Your organisation might be hiring multiple persons for a single position, but every job post is seen only by an individual. So it’s better to address them than a group. This post will be seen by many and you will get the application from the most determined and talented candidates only.

Most of the job posting sites only allow you to post one ad against a particular position i.e multiple posts for the same positions are not allowed. So collect and sort out all the candidates which have applied and keep all those qualified people in your recruitment pipeline, so that you can hire as many as you need. Also, you can tap these candidates in future too.

For Example:

   Looking to Hire 10 Software QA Engineers

Looking to Hire a Software QA Engineer.


2.    Job Location should be well-defined. 

Job location is one of the primary factors for candidates in deciding whether to apply for that particular job or not. So in order to avoid confusion and issues later on, do mention the location clearly. By clearly we don’t mean up to the street address, But State, City or particular location. This will help the employer as well, as he doesn’t have to clutter through candidates who are not willing to move to that location.

So if you have multiple offices at a particular location, then mention clearly which office they are hiring for. Also, clarify if it’s a remote job or not.

  Hiring a Sales Manager for Delhi or Punjab

Hiring a Sales Manager for Delhi


3.    Job Title should be clear and apt for the job.

Candidates don’t browse through all the jobs posted on a job portal. Instead, they search for jobs suitable for them using keywords and commonly used job titles. Additionally, all the job portals like Hireclap.com are using AI-driven mechanisms to recommend jobs to candidates. Having commonly used keywords, titles etc makes it easy to recommend your job post to the right candidates. This will vastly improve the talent which is going to apply and reduce your hiring time drastically. Avoid Flashy or click-bait job titles.

  Hiring now or Lots of vacancies available

Hiring for Sales Manager


4.    Job descriptions should be informative, to the point and Short.

Job descriptions are the crux of a job post as it contains all the necessary details that help a candidate to decide whether to apply or not. Various job portals have different Limits for job descriptions. But the important thing to keep in mind is that it must contain all the important details from a candidate’s perspective and it shouldn’t look or feel like a long essay. So by doing this you will only attract the right candidates for that job role. A typical job description should contain 400 – 700 words.

The job description must contain the following:

  1. Eligibility criteria’s
  2. Roles and responsibilities
  3. Salary, Perks and Incentives etc.
  4. Any specific job-related aspects like working hours, Location or Area changes etc.

  We are hiring for Sales Manager with the location being surat.

We are Hiring a Sales Manager who will be responsible for the sales goals set by the company.

Qualification: MBA in Marketing/sales

Experience Required: Min. 2 Years

Location: Surat

Salary: 6 LPA fixed + Incentives ( Including TA, Health Insurance )

Your Main duties include:

  • Managing clients and sales executives under you.
  • Meet the sales goal set by the company.
  • Prepare daily/weekly/monthly sales data sheet.
  • Giving Presentations to potential clients.
  • Resolve any issues related to sales.


5.    Avoid inaccurate and Flashy job titles.

Let the job title be realistic and descriptive as they are more likely to get the attention of the candidates who are searching for jobs based on job titles. Search engines and Job portals used automation to showcase jobs they search using some keywords, so better to keep the job title generic of that particular position. Avoid flashy buzzwords to attract the best and bright talents you are searching for.

It is best to include departments in titles, for example instead of just putting ” Hiring Executives ” make it ” Hiring Sales Executive or Marketing Executive or Office Executive “.

  Hiring for a Passionate Engineer.

Hiring for a Civil Engineer.


6.    Avoid Biased language, be Neutral.

Almost all job portals don’t allow any kind of biased or perceived to be biased language in a job post. We usually reject or keep it pending up until it is rectified in case of minor unconscious wordings. To avoid unconscious bias it’s better to review your post multiple times and make sure everything is mentioned in a neutral way. This will help bring out a diverse range of candidates who will make your workplace a diverse one, thereby increasing your company’s position in the market in a positive way.

To make your job post more inclusive and unbiased, always double-check your content and make sure it is purely job-related ones. Refrain from mentioning characters like Sex, religion, caste, age, race etc.


  We are Hiring for a youthful Designer.

We are Hiring an Interior Designer.


So Keeping these things in mind, Hireclap.com allows you to reach out to the right candidates, and have effective and efficient Hiring, so do check our website for more information. Happy Recruiting!