Finding your First Job

The eternal meme of Having 30 years of experience by the time you finish college is never going away. Finding your first job can be a hard task especially if you have no prior work experience even as a part-time one. You are confused, disappointed and struggling with applications. Your first job most certainly will not be your dream job and that’s ok, learning the corporate ways first is always a good thing.

What should be your First job?

Well, your First job could be anything from a part-time job in a pizza chain or an internship role at a big company. The purpose of the first job is to get you out of your college comfort zone and teach you how this corporate world works and how they expect you to get things done. It teaches you to be efficient, punctual and responsible.

You can start your first job while studying as a part-timer or after finishing college, it depends on you.

You can ideally start in retails, fast food and other service-oriented job roles as they are always hiring. They usually have a high churn-out rate owing to the job and the employees are mostly students or freshers out there to make some quick cash or to have some work experience.

How to get your First Job?

1)  Do a job search.

Before you start searching for jobs, list out all the things you like to do or are comfortable doing. Then apply for those jobs where you think you can be comfortable and be able to do it without any issues.

2) Building your Resume.

An employer knows you are fresher out of college and doesn’t have the experience and all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the effort to make a good resume highlighting your achievements and academic excellence. Also, you can show them why you want that job or work in that particular company.

3) Register on Job portals and Apps.

In this digital age, every job opportunity is at your fingertip. Just register on these job sites like and get their regular updates of the latest jobs and apply to them easily.

4) Prepare for Interviews and Assessments.

Once you apply and get shortlisted by the employer he/she may further want to trim the candidates so they may opt for an assessment or do multiple rounds of interviews. So it is important that you must be prepared for the same. Practice some mock tests and interview rounds based on the job. Being prepared is half the job done.


So be prepared, be confident and always back yourself up.