Writing the best Job Titles and Description for jobs on Hireclap


In a world full of companies trying to find the best talent on job sites, it is absolutely imperative that you have the perfect job title and the job description on Hireclap. It’s as important as your budget as our AI-driven platform uses algorithms to match and display the job post to potential job seekers. A clear, precise job title and well-detailed yet short job description will help your job appear in the most recent search results and that will in turn help you to avoid unqualified applicants.


Here are some points to consider when posting on Hireclap.

Preparing well in advance with proper research.

Well once your company plans and finalizes the hiring for a particular job position, Do some research online for similar job posts and see what all clues and ideas you get to make yours better and stand out from the crowd. Look out for keywords that needed to be included in both the job title and description. Make your job description neat, simple and on point with only the necessary info.

Be in the shoes of a Job Seeker

Think on behalf of the job seeker, He will go to a search engine or recruitment site and search with a particular keyword. Avoid eye-catching buzzwords that are rarely searched. Make your title as precise as what a similarly qualified person would search for and provide a clear and crisp description. The candidate wants to know all the important details that are related to his job role.

Avoid writing an essay-type job description and filling it up with useless information. Always keep in mind the following things in the job description that should never be excluded.

1)  Requirements:  Do tell about the qualifications, experience, certification and degrees that are a must requirement for that job. Also, include which things would be preferred to have on the candidate side like additional certifications, location preference, fluency in another language etc. The more detailed you are about your hiring need, it’s more likely you will find the best matching candidates. For example details like:

  • B.tech degree
  • Willingness to work overtime till the job is finished
  • Four and two-wheeler driving licenses must
  • Kannada and English speakers preferred
  • Location: Hubli

2)  Responsibilities:  The main part of the job description, is where candidates spend most of their time looking for the job post. The details you put here are most crucial for the candidate in deciding to apply or not. Describe the employee’s goal and day-to-day responsibilities. It should include what you expect from a candidate in that job position. Do not ever hide the responsibilities from the description as it literally amounts to cheating a candidate and we at Hireclap won’t tolerate this. A few examples of job responsibilities :

  • Doing cold calls to potential customers
  • Making weekly/monthly reviews and presentation
  • Drive growth by selling our products to our clients
  • Managing the people under you and monitoring their daily performance

3)  Benefits: Very clearly list the compensation, there shouldn’t be any changes to it later on. Mention the perks and benefits that your company offers along with the salary package. List every important perk from the candidate’s perspective. Along with the basic benefits, mention what all you offer which makes your company stand out from others like Overtime allowance, Insurance, flexible work hours, Transportation, On-site amenities like office snacks, gym etc. These are some ways to highlight how your company takes care of its employees and stands out from the rest. some examples are:

  • Overtime allowance
  • Free office cafe and snacks
  • Transportation
  • Medical insurance and HRA
  • Bonus programs

So be truthful and explicit in who you want to hire and start using Hireclap.com. If you need any help in your hiring process do contact us at recruit@hireclap.com