Discover work from home jobs and make ready yourself


The Pandemic literally brought our lives to a standstill and for employees as well as companies Work from home became the only option to survive this onslaught. What was once given to sick employees or a luxury of Top executives has now become the norm. With everything being done online, Find out what work from home(WFH) jobs are and how to find these jobs.

      Work From Home(WFH) Jobs?

These are jobs which can be done online/remotely without ever stepping into an office. You can easily work from your home (duh!) and where ever you go as long as you are connected to the internet. You can sit in Indore and work for a company in Mumbai.

There are three types of jobs:

§  Full Time jobs
When you are a monthly salaried employee with all the perks, working a full
shit of around 8 hours per day

§  Part Time jobs
These are where one work generally 3-5 hours per day with a guaranteed salary
at the month end.

§  Freelance jobs
These are the jobs where one can work according to his/her own timings and One
just have to finish the work on time. While being a freelancer one can work
with multiple companies at a time.

   Let’s Talk Money: Kitna Milenga?

Well the simple answer is it depends on you. Sure it’s a lucrative option but the earnings are decided by these factors –

§  Job variety- For beginners, one can start small with easy work like data entry, BPO ,
online sales where you earn around Rs.8,000 – 10,000. Once you are more
experienced you can earn more.

§  Skill levels needed- Some jobs like graphic designing , content writing ,analyst etc require basic
knowledge in those and there are popular jobs. The more you upskill yourself
the more you earn.

§  Time spent – Simply put the more you work the more you earn as these can be billed hourly
or as per project/work.

§  Companies or Agents – Well choose companies as they have proper work processes and they pay more, sometimes even more than the regular jobs.

     How to discover genuine WFH jobs?

The attraction of WFH has made it a scammer market. You can find ad’s on every social media which makes tall salary for basic works, but almost all of them are scammers. So here are some tips to find genuine jobs –
  • Job search apps and websites – The best place to find online
    part-time jobs and work from home jobs are Hireclap. You can upload your
    resume, search for suitable jobs and apply. Only legitimate companies and
    employers can list job openings on sites like Hireclap.
  • Freelancing websites – There are many websites where you
    can find freelance work. Make sure you work with clients who are verified,
    and your payment is guaranteed.
  • Social Media – You can also find work from home
    opportunities from Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups etc. However, you
    should verify them by checking their official websites. Communicate with
    them only through official emails and always ask for payment through a
    bank account.
Quick Tips for Effective WFH

  • Invest in internet – Get a high-speed internet connection,
    so you don’t have to complain about internet outages. You can also invest
    in things like headphones, work table and chair to make your life
    comfortable and efficient.
  • Meeting and video call – Even if you are WFH you need to dress
    up neatly and appear presentable for your work calls. Ensure you don’t
    have people disturbing you or noises from your environment.
  • Maintain a schedule and adhere to deadlines – The main challenge in work from home jobs is that you need to stick to your deadlines of work. Don’t miss out on deadlines unless important, and always keep communicating with your boss. Create a schedule for yourself where you would work like in a regular office.

Follow all these above tips and advice to find a good WFH job and to manage it effectively.