Job Posting Standards to Follow on Hireclap

We here at strive to deliver the best job seeker experience and are devoted to job posting standards that are supportive to the job seekers on our platform. All job posts are not the same we acknowledge that so keeping in line with that we have drafted our policies.

All jobs posted here on Hireclap must follow these standards and those that do not meet them will be subjected to multiple reviews, requiring additional details from the Hiring Company or Individual responsible for it. Job posts that are misleading, fake jobs or that alter the job seeker’s experience may be removed from the search results. Do follow the standards mentioned below and failure to do that may affect your job post thereby affecting your hiring process.



Only Job Posts


Only Job posts are allowed.

No other posts including training, multi-level marketing, educational opportunities, expired job posts, and Fake jobs.


Job Details must be accurate and detailed


At Hireclap we do not entertain job posts with generic, misleading or deceptive content. The details must be accurate and we don’t encourage multiple changes to the job post after it’s been posted once.


Jobs posted directly by employers get priority


Our job as a Recruitment company is to connect employers and job seekers in an effective, meaningful way. This happens when employers post directly on our site. So posts by employers would get first priority over similar posts by anyone else.


Jobs must come from the Authorized person.


Only the authorized person from the company is allowed to post a job here on their behalf. We do not allow external parties to post on their behalf here. As stated above we want employers to connect directly with the concerned HR/company.


No fee for applying nor any cost to the job seeker.


This is Red Line and crossing it means immediate takedown of the Job post without any intimation.

We do not allow any posts that take payment or charges of any kind from job seekers for applying for a particular job.


Job Title and Description must be Clear and well detailed.


Our AI-enabled algorithm picks up those job posts well written, detailed and accurate.

Don’t put clickbait and flashy titles, it should represent what the job post is generally called. The job description should only contain details about the job and shouldn’t contain Company details or other things.


No spamming is allowed.


If you are hiring for a particular location, do not spam the system by posting the same job with different locations. This and any other type of spamming is strictly prohibited and will cause suspension of your account till you give a satisfactory response.


No Offensive Content


All the content in the job post must be clean and must not contain offensive content such as lewd, sexual or derogatory, explicit in nature, Gender or racial profiling etc.

Any post which violates this will be immediately removed and the account will be suspended/Removed from Hireclap altogether.


Manipulation of search results is not allowed.


Employers are not allowed to manipulate our search results intentionally or maliciously, to receive more applicants. Those posts will receive less visibility.


Discrimination is Strictly Prohibited


All job seekers must be treated equally and should be judged based solely on their skills, experience and the qualification of the eligibility criteria you have set. Other factors do not matter. Any discrimination based on Caste, Religion, Colour, Race or gender will not be tolerated.



We may Disable, reject or remove any company’s account with any prior notice if we feel it’s in the best interest of the job seeker or for Hireclap and We always have the right to remove any job posted on our site.