How recruitment is shifting from Offline to Online.

Be it any company the heads of HR are key drivers of success and one of their primary roles is to have strategic growth and keep the hiring running smoothly.

On the hiring side, the role of HR has seen a tremendous shift towards digital tools and ways than traditional approaches.

Virtual Interviews

Today, about 90% of applicants browsing for jobs via mobile devices are well-versed in this digital shift in the interview process. They prefer virtual interviews more than traditional face-to-face ones.

Well HR’s can relax a bit as the new AI-driven hiring platforms such as Hireclap help you with the digital hiring processes.  Recruiters can make use of online assessment tests, with proctoring and scheduled e-interviews and all.

Even if the mode of hiring is changing the basic things like hiring based on talent and the core aspects of interviewing, and screening candidates remain the same.

Onboarding Employees

Before the pandemic, every organisation had a few dates set in a  year where they would have the onboarding ceremony takes place. But the pandemic has changed it all and now companies are having virtual office tours, guides and video chats to showcase the good about the company they will be working for.

It was not easy to shift from face-to-face live interaction to a virtual one as things and people were needed in place.

Is virtual recruitment here to stay?

Yes, the world has been able to see how effective and efficient it is. Now every company is doing this as part of their process, as it is reducing their expenses and lowering their turnover. They also help recruiters in identifying the right talent.