Things to do for a Successful Online Interview

In this Pandemic many of us recruiters had to ( forcibly ) move to an online recruitment model. It made even us HR people learn new things, adapt to newer technology and make peace with it. Now that the pandemic has abated a bit, we are not going fully back to the olden ways of Face to face interviews or doing in-person tests. Using technology to hire has become the norm and it’s here to stay.

Now before we move to online assessment tools for interviews and all, it is imperative that we set the right standards in place so that it helps to get better hiring results for us.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while moving to an Online interview process:

1) Map out the process.

Plan out everything beforehand. If there are multiple online tests or back-to-back interviews, be prepared for it, and make everything and everyone ready and aware of what’s going on. It’s always a better thing to inform the candidates about all the steps and things that you will go through and make sure the other recruiters/employees are well versed in the process plan. After all, a smooth process is what we all want and the candidate also will feel good about the company.

2) Testing…Testing…Testing

No one wants to start the interview with no audio or no visuals or software to crash in between the interview process. So before the Interview or the online assessment begins always test it out among the HRs or with the Online platform which you are using. Begin the test with your basic equipment for the interview, Mic, and camera and then move to the online platform. Test everything beforehand to make sure everything works smoothly and everyone will have a good experience. Be familiar with the platform be it Zoom or MS Teams.

Also, ask the online platform support guys if you don’t understand how it all works or what all are the functions available. The more informed and well-versed the platform the smoother the experience.

3) Make it a Good Environment

As you know the best part of face 2 face interviews is that it allows you to be more conversational and gives you a great deal of knowledge about the person in front of you. So in order to recreate that magic here in a virtual interview, the interviewer has to take the extra effort to make it into a positive atmosphere as both of you are sitting in some room talking off a machine. The interviewer has to make small talk and make the candidate feel welcomed and relaxed.

Break the ice, Talk about things you find interesting, make the candidate open up, relax and then move on to the meat of the interview/assessment. By making them relaxed we can get to know more about their personalities and whether it will suit our company’s culture.

4) Prepare Questions and Tests beforehand.

Be well prepared with questions that you need to ask candidates to get the best out of them and to test their thinking or working. Make sure to ask the right questions that will bring out their mind and showcase their talents. Don’t ask questions just for the sake of it, be sharp, crisp and on to the point. If you are giving them a test during the interview to test their skills or thinking, then it should be a handful of questions that shows what exactly you are looking for from them.

5) Dummy tests

Well, you got a candidate in front of you, now to make sure he is best suited for your company just throw a few workplace challenges you face. Let him react and see how he applies himself and comes up with solutions or ideas. This will help to understand his thinking and talent in a real-world scenario. If they perform well then he is the right talent suitable for your company.

Great Virtual interviews allow you to tap into a wider pool of talent and thereby create a wider talent funnel which will help in lowering costs and Hiring efficiently.

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