Hiring made Efficient

In this fast-paced world, everything was touched upon by the internet and mobile revolution. This made previously cumbersome and impossible tasks efficient and saved a lot of time and money for individuals and companies alike. But among a few others, recruitment was one area which didn’t take full advantage of the digital boom. There are many reasons for this like low internet penetration prior to 2018, the appeal of a face-to-face interview etc.

However, the pandemic put a break on everything and the conventional ways of recruitment was literally dead. Those who were quick to adapt leveraged this opportunity to hire the best talents out there.

How were they able to do it? Simply they leveraged Recruitment companies such as Hireclap.com which uses their own custom AI-driven Assessments and automation to hire better and quick. Companies like this have specially catered and data-driven ways to find the best talent efficiently.

AI has taken over the world and it is fast catching up in India too, so by automating the repetitive and tedious tasks which were consuming the highest time, you can focus more on your work by making faster and better decisions.

Let’s look at some tasks which can be optimised and taken care of by automation to increase your efficiency.

   Pre-Screening of Candidates

All the Job portals nowadays collect much of the information needed by a recruiter to build each job seeker’s profile. It is done so that the AI-enabled system can easily recommend jobs to that particular job seeker. So when a candidate applies for a job you posted, you will get all that data. Which can be easily sorted out and screened in less than 10 minutes. Also, these job sites like Hireclap allow you to ask specific questions to candidates that can be used as pre-screening ones.

One other tool Recruiters can use is In-build Assessments or tailor-made assessments to evaluate the potential of the candidates rather than relying on the cumbersome process of siphoning through lots of resumes. These easy-to-use skills-based assessments help the recruitment teams in improving the quality of talent they hire.

Preparing Interview Questionnaire.

Interviews are a time-consuming process and often tend to move to be inconsistent and deliver biased information that rarely makes it a successful hiring process. A Structured interview uses predetermined questions specific to that particular position, which are asked in the same manner and order to the candidates.

Is it possible to do this every time i.e every time there is a hiring for a particular position? To have unbiased, legally compliant and nondiscriminatory interview questions that will bring out the potential, and skills of the candidates to be able to perform the job role prescribed?

Well, it can be done, but in this day and age, recruitment is all about efficiency and speed. If you waste your precious time preparing questions another company might hire the talent that best suited your hiring position.

So use Recruitment sites like Hireclap, which has its own database of over 1000 questions which have been tailor-made to bring out the talent of an individual applicant or recruiters can also include a few of their own specific questions to it. Thereby hiring teams can assess each and every candidate based on their skills and knowledge which in turn makes the process fair, transparent and unbiased.

Interview Scheduling.

One of the most daunting tasks for a recruiter is scheduling interviews or multiple interview rounds. From the start, there will be Emails, and phone calls back and forth, and it is almost predictable that there will be cancellations or rescheduling of interviews in every hiring process. It can happen often and it’s out of the control of both recruiter and the candidate. But these frequent hindrances will affect the candidate’s experience with your company.

So in order to have a great candidate experience and to minimize the rescheduling,  Use technology. i.e Today there are ways in which a candidate can schedule an interview according to his/her availability. First of all, be mobile-friendly and use automation to give candidates automated messages that will help them to further the process. A candidate can do all these and attend the initial round of interviews without the need for a recruiter to contact them for every step.

From our past experience, most of the candidates prefer to take interviews outside the traditional working hours and prefer weekends.

Candidate Follow-Up

For a candidate, the worst part about Hiring is not being selected for that position, but not receiving any communication from the Hiring team. Recruiters often forget about candidate follow-up since they are working with a lot of applicants and focus mainly on the ones who are selected after every round. So when this happens candidate experience takes a nose dive and this will affect the company’s ability to fill up future hiring needs.

On the other hand, companies which use automated chatbots or systems to immediately communicate to the candidates once they are put in the rejected basket are far more likely to receive a positive response and they will apply for other hiring too.

So leverage Automation and integrate it into your hiring. This will avoid wasting your time, and improve your candidate experience vastly.


Automation and using AI-Driven platforms have become the norm nowadays, those who leverage this for their hiring will undoubtedly transform their hiring process into a fast, personalized experience and they will surely become the most-valued employers in the near future.