Tips to get Interviews and Better Job matches

The Workforce, as well as the recruiting ways, are fast changing in this world. The technologies used to recruit are being updated and changed more quickly than ever before. For most of the past 70 years, paper resumes or physical resumes were the need of the hour for job seekers as well as employers. But that is being rapidly replaced by Video resumes. With advancements in Hiring platforms and the use of Artificial intelligence, a candidate can apply for jobs from his mobile phone and recruiters can interview a person located in a remote corner of the country face to face through video calls.

But getting that dream job can be a difficult process, and the process can sometimes feel even more difficult when you’re not sure where to start.  However, there are a lot of ways you can make it easier on yourself.

Follow these steps to get more interviews and better job calls.


A resume is the primary point of contact between you and your company. To create the best impression and to get noticed by hiring managers, your resume should highlight the right skills & strengths. Maximize the use of keywords related to your job profile and include keywords that are described in the job description and roles. It’s always recommended to get your resume reviewed by others to find out any errors. Prepare resumes for each and every job accordingly, don’t make one basic resume and apply for everything with that.

Nowadays video resumes are gaining traction, so prepare a good video resume. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Talk about yourself, your academics, and your work experiences.
  • Make it into a 2-minute video
  • Look sharp and dress well
  • Speak clearly and clean
  • Be vibrant and make a nice impression on the employer
  • Be calm and smile; show off your personality.
Expanding your network

Networking helps you be visible to employers and to people who might recommend you to employers. Go to company-sponsored events, and activities and meet with employers and their teams. Build a social connection with them through the many social media platforms. But don’t harass their goodwill by constantly messaging or sending resumes randomly. Talk, connect and listen to what is happening in their company. Also if you connect with successful and experienced people through networking, you can get their guidance and mentorship which boosts your professional growth. You can widen your career network through professional networking events, connecting with your peers, colleagues, seniors, and faculty, attending a job fair, and online career networking sites like Linkedin.

Make your profiles up-to-date on job boards

In this digital world, how you portray yourself online is extremely important. Many recruiters like, nowadays go through candidates’ profiles on job portals as well as career networking sites like LinkedIn before they hire. So having a complete, up-to-date, and relevant profile is very important. Along with the job portals, candidates should also have an eye on their social media profiles as some companies search for their next hires through them.

Doing proper research

Doing thorough research on the organization, the industry, and the job, before you head to an interview is very essential. This not only helps you to better perform in the interview but also, you will get to know the credibility, financial stability and how employee-friendly that company is. It is imperative that you know well about the company you are applying for, especially the job-related specifications, and work environment. Talk to people in the company if you can through social media sites and LinkedIn.

Prepare for the day

Many interviewers still ask some common typical questions in the interview like; introducing yourself, your strength and weakness, why should we consider you for this position, etc. Preparing answers to such common questions will be highly beneficial. By doing so you can quickly convey who you are and what impact you can create in the organization. Also never answer a simple yes or no to the questions. Try to elaborate your answers by quoting your past work experiences and if you don’t have one make up one. Practice a few times with your answers against a mirror to see how you look making a strong impression. Always be positive and smile but don’t overdo it.

Dress appropriately

If you want to crack that interview and land your dream job you should dress properly and wisely on the interview day. Clothing plays a huge role in the interview process. It’s not just about what you present, how you look is also equally important. A candidate should pay heed to the job position to which he is applying before he chooses the attire. Please don’t go wearing Jeans with a formal Shirt. Unless the Interview call letter specifies casual Attire is ok, wear a Formal Office Dress. In addition to this, the candidate should always keep a pleasant face throughout the interview and be confident in what they speak.

Sending Thank you notes

Once the interview is finished, thank the interviewer for taking out their precious time. Also, sending a personalized Thank you letter within 24 hours of a job interview is greatly important. It shows your courtesy as well as helps to leave one last reminder on your profile in the hiring manager’s mind.

Choosing the right recruitment platform

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The path to your dream job may be hard but it’s not an impossible one. Most probably you will get rejected multiple times, but learn from your mistakes and keep applying until you get the right one. You see Life rewards the one who keeps trying again and again.