Use of Keywords in a Resume

What is the most important thing one has while applying for a job? It’s his/her Resume. So when applying for jobs, it’s important that your resume contains keywords in order to maximize your chances of getting an interview call letter. Keywords are extremely significant as they assist the prospective employer to decide whether a candidate is fit for the job more swiftly. Knowing what are the keywords that must be included on your resume, as well as the number of keywords you ought to include, may help your resume stand out from the other applicants that HR might look for.


Let’s go over the importance of resume keywords and how to use keywords to improve your resume.

For every new hire, firms receive hundreds of requests. As a result, many recruiters deploy Application Tracking System (ATS) to scan resume keywords for the finest applicants. Even though you’re an excellent applicant, if your resume isn’t optimized for keywords, the software may reject it. Recruiters usually leverage keywords to screen resumes that satisfy the ATS test for the best applicants before diving deeper into their details. Nowadays in the recruitment process, most of the known companies utilize a third party, a Recruitment Company to overview their hiring and this company hires the candidates solely according to the resumes they get through different platforms. So, to appoint in the desired job role, a candidate should manage the resume by adopting the keywords the company is intended to.

 By keyword-optimizing your resume, you can:

  • Clear the ATS check.
  • Result in getting an appointment
  • Make your resume leaner and more effective.

Tips to Produce a high demanding resume

Select the appropriate amount of keywords

The usual rule is that your resume should contain 25-30 keywords. When several terms will be used in a resume, ATS tools analyze this, and your resume may be screened out.

Make use of the company website.

Change your cover page or resume objective just at the beginning of your resume to include the firm and job title by which you’re seeking. This will not only aid your resume to go beyond the ATS filters, but it will also demonstrate to the recruiter that you took the effort to adapt your resume to the job.

Include terms related to education.

The education that a candidate includes on their resume is generally given the highest priority by ATS algorithms. That’s why it’s crucial to mention whether you have a bachelor’s degree and what topic of study you studied. It’s crucial to include your education even if you haven’t earned it yet. Most employers/ recruiters filter resumes using Education qualifications primarily.

Change the job titles

Since job titles vary depending on skill levels, sector, and corporate culture, it’s important to adjust your title to reflect what the ATS would most likely be looking for. Change it to a more common title that corresponds to the responsibilities you had at the time. This will help you vastly as most recruiters just use generic titles to search in a normal hiring process.

Modify keywords.

There are a few methods to define the same abilities in most sectors. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, you might be familiar with Illustrator, Photoshop, and other Adobe Creative Cloud applications. However, the job role may include all of those talents as a prerequisite for applicants to have Adobe Creative Suite experience. Alter your CV to fit the job description’s keywords.

Consider tense and format adjustments

Numerous ATS technologies do not recognize different tenses and other word variants. The best tactic to figure out which tense or style the ATS is to copy the job description word for word. This is a simple trick to get your application to the next level.

Go for a Video Resume

A video resume is much more effective than a normal resume enlisting your achievements and data. It not only represents your credentials but also highlights your confidence level. So deeper visibility is achieved through a video resume and it gives more chances for a candidate to get hired. Create a resume video platform to produce a flawless resume and you should choose it wisely. It is here that stands out from the rest as the best Video resume-based Hiring platform in India. On Hireclap you can record your 2-minute video resume which showcases you to your potential employer.


You can use these points to make your resume adaptive and thereby increasing the chances of getting selected.