Tips for Hiring at High Volumes

With the Labour Churn high at most technology Firms, it is imperative for them to hire in High volumes to keep their headcount right and get the work done. So for HR teams, the name of the game is speed, They need to offer the right candidates at the right time to keep them on your side otherwise, he/she may get another offer and join them.

So below are a few tips to keep in mind while hiring in bulk for casual positions.

1)  Treat your candidates like a customer.

Do not treat the candidate like cattle, He may literally be your customer too. Treat them with respect and dignity.

Provide them with a seamless experience with your hiring, make them feel wanted and always keep them up to date about the process. If you are using an External Agency like, we make sure that every candidate has a good experience with us, thereby having good feedback about your company. Our AI-enabled Assessment platform and Interview section make this process easy for the candidate and the employer.

2)  Make it Mobile First

In this day and time, Mobile is the name of the game.  More than 70% of all job applications come through mobile.  By making this experience mobile-friendly you are definitely expanding your candidate base to a whole another level. We need to meet the candidates on their screens and to do that we must employ mobile-based solutions. At Hireclap. com, We have designed our website, Assessment and interview platform to be mobile-friendly too. Candidates can take an interview or assessment anywhere and at any time.

3) Using one platform

While hiring for a particular position either use one platform or assign a person in charge of everything for that platform. Because decisions have to be made quickly and effectively, the chain of command should be there and everything should be done, and decided by the person in charge of the platform. More the involved persons, the less effective would be the decision making.

So are you ready to effectively scale up your Hiring, well is there to fulfil it.