Create your first video resume at Hireclap

Hello and Welcome to the new age of Hiring. Gone are days of Paper resumes and the cumbersome process of going through it all as companies move on to more of a interactive way to do the initial and intermediary screening. So in this context the Video Resumes of Hireclap will give you a leg up than the rest of the pack, to showcase your Communication skills , Personality and to give an overall impression to the recruiter.

So if you are tried of Applying for jobs and not hearing back from them, Why don’t you change things a little bit and make a visume? A video resume!! 

Creating a Visume (Video-Resume)

Wondering how to do that?

I got you covered.

Go to

Register yourself and You can upload the video in real-time. Review yourself, if you dont like it, improve yourself and make a video again.

You can talk about your strengths, weakness, achievements and showcase your personality with a 2 min video.

We have also discovered that video resumes get noticed 60% more than traditional resumes.

So, I don’t know what you are waiting for this placement season? Log on to Hireclap and increase your chances of getting hired!

Here are a few samples