Work From Home To Continue For 1.5 Lakh Google Employees

Google has suddenly declared work from home for all 1.5 lakh employees, for an indefinite period.

Since IT companies were opening their offices and had started calling their employees back to office, this sudden announcement by Google is a surprise.

Work From Home For All Google Employees

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, informed this new development to all employees, which was first reported by Insider.

This means that all Google employees will now keep on working from home, for an indefinite period, unless Google changes its stand.

Omicron Virus Is The Cause

Alphabet, in their note to all employees, has informed that amidst growing concern of Omicron variant of coronavirus, they have postponed the decision to call back all employees to office.

Omicron, the newly discovered coronavirus variant, has forced the entire world to be alert and extra cautious since this variant’s infection rate is fast, and can impact a large population, or can trigger a 3rd wave.

In India, most of the IT companies, including TCS and Infosys have started calling back their employees to their base locations, and it’s expected that 30-50% IT employees are now working in offices.

Let’s see how Indian IT companies react to the growing concern of Omicorn.