The Sweep of Software Engineering in India

What started as a bustling BPO industry in the early 2000’s have come full circle into a full fledged  Software Ecosystem. With every major MNC and Desi company’s having significant centres in india.

With the Explosion of digital technology services and apps in the world, every company has the need of a reliable software backbone. Companies are looking for software & technological innovations which can change the face of the technology & also the workforce which can maintain the systems already in place.

Every company is focusing on hiring more software engineers to develop, maintain and expand their present technological systems in place. We shall discuss the scope of software engineering in the market of today

Future of Software Engineering in India

The Future is bright for software engineering in india. With more than 26.5 million software developers, the software industry has become a mainstream career option in inda. It is expected that india will create upto 50 million new jobs by 2025.

So this is a right career path to walk on.

Now let us see how you can become one.

How to Become a Software Engineer?

One needs an aggregate of 50% in PCM in High School .

You can opt for a Diploma Course, which is a Three-year course ( diploma in software engineering ) or the following Bachelor’s courses –

  • Bachelor in Technology(B.Tech)- it’s a  4-year course in computer science and engineering or information technology
  • Bachelor of computer application (BCA)- it’s a popular 3-year course
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science- 3-year course

One can also do masters in the following:

  • Software Engineering Tools
  • Software Development Process
  • Software Testing
  • Software Design
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Quality
  • Software Development
  • Software Configuration Management

For Getting Better Jobs

You need to pull all your focus on getting yourself differentiated from the rest of the flock, by learning languages like C, C++, Python , Java etc. Also getting certifications in this can help to advance easily in career.

You can learn these languages either by online courses or by joining any institution. As you get more experience in the IT field, you can get your hands on better paying jobs.

The Career Path

There are various positions from entry level to mid level based on your experience and talent.

Here are some job designations:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Executives
  • Software Designers
  • Software Programmers
  • System Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Manager

There are many different career paths a software engineer can take for a better career, For example, a web developer/web designer is required in organizations to maintain their websites, domains & so on.

A QA engineer (tester) helps in running software to the best of its capabilities to ensure no bugs or glitches are present.

Similarly, QA/Test lead coordinates with the development team and project manager in managing, assigning and testing various software required.

In other words, the scope of software engineering is immense & continues to grow at a rapid pace.

IT industry has a lot to offer. If software engineering is something that interests you, you should pursue your career in the field.

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