Why Diversity Hiring is Vital to Any Organisation.

Despite many organizations improving their diversity hiring and building inclusive work forces, inequality still plagues many sectors across the world.

Companies need to do better. Many are trying, but their hiring practices still need improving. It’s not enough to say “we’re hiring diverse” to attract and build a diverse workforce. Let us explore the advantages of building an inclusive workforce and discuss the best practices for improving your diversity hiring.

What is diversity hiring?

Diversity hiring is merit-orientated recruitment that reduces hiring biases by evaluating applicants on their skills and qualifications, rather than personal, unrelated characteristics. It also proactively reduces bias from the evaluation process.

Here are some Advantages of having a diverse and inclusive workforce:

1. Your workforce is more well-rounded

Diverse work force are 15% more likely to bring in financial returns, according to a study by McKinsey. This is due to several reasons, including diverse work force exhibiting improved decision-making and cognitive skills relative to less inclusive groups. 

Thus, a diverse workforce can help organizations perform better and increase revenue.

2. Creates correspondence opportunities

A diverse workforce includes people from different cultures who can connect better with various communities. This means having employees who communicate in other languages, opening up the gateway to new markets

3. Improve your talent acquisition

Talented candidates are forward-thinking and are mostly looking for an inclusive environment and expecting better from organizations.

Therefore, although organizations have an ethical responsibility to improve diversity hiring, it’s also essential to realize how it affects talent acquisition. By failing to embrace diversity, companies may actually lose their most qualified applicants. 

4.  Enhance employee satisfaction and reduce turnover

A study found that making your employees feel more welcome can increase their satisfaction and performance, which is why diversity hiring is vital.

Diverse work force include people from different backgrounds and communities that respect each other professionally and work as a team. Creating a culture of mutual respect helps new hires integrate into the workspace. Additionally, applicants can find coworkers that share similar backgrounds as them, thus, increasing their sense of belonging.

Improve your diversity hiring with Hireclap

 To build more diverse work force, organizations need to do better. It’s important to evaluate hiring practices, assess your internal diversity, and work towards building an inclusive workforce.

The most effective way to reduce recruitment bias is to reward merit over unrelated characteristics by tailoring the recruitment process. This is where tech recruiting platforms like Hireclap can help you.

Hireclap is a robust tech recruitment solution that helps organizations secure the best hires and reduce recruitment biases. Our platform contains a rich repository of role-specific questions, so employers can create custom skill tests and evaluate applicants on practical skills. Hireclap assesses candidates across performance metrics and helps recruiters make data-driven hiring decisions.

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