The Do’s and Don’ts of Job posting on Hireclap

The Job of in effect is to help the job seekers find the right job for them. That’s the mission simple as it is, to be able to do that the jobs they are looking for must be accessible, clear and simple.

So we at Hireclap understand that writing a job post is not always easy and that’s ok, we are here to help you with that. We will help you understand what are the best practices for posting a job on Hireclap.


1)  Strong Job Titles and Job Descriptions

Imagine yourself in a candidate’s position, what did you do when you were searching for a job.

You went on the internet and searched with a keyword for example Software engineer or Mechanical Engineer. Then the search engine showed you all the listings with that particular Title. So candidates search for jobs that align with their experience, and interests and ignore all that seems to be not their cup of tea.

So job titles played a big role in deciding whether you want to learn more about it or not. You might even have skipped some jobs based solely on their job titles. Therefore while coming up with Job titles, it must reflect the role you are hiring for. Avoid adding punctuations and special characters, and avoid spammy or clickbait words.

Along with strong job titles, it’s important to have a crisp and well-detailed job description to attract the best candidates. Candidates want to know all the important aspects of the job you are offering and it would be wise to be precise the first time you are posting. Frequent editing of the job post is also not advised.

You should include details like company name, job role and location. Then role expectations, salary, and experience are required. So basically you need to put down whatever candidates needed to know.

2) Giving the Best experience to job seekers

While posting a job on, think from the perspective of a job seeker. They are looking for a genuine job and the latest opportunities, so be truthful and mindful about what you post on To provide the best experience for job seekers on hireclap, here are a few things you as a recruiter should keep in mind.

Firstly each and every job posted on Hireclap should be for a single job role. Posting the title for one job role and then in the description putting multiple job openings is not advisable and encouraged by Hireclap. To be fair to the candidates and to reach to maximum candidates only put one job role per post. For example, if you post with a job role as a Software developer and then put Tester, QA engineer in the description it will not work. As most candidates just read the job role and if it’s not suitable for them they will just scroll past it and not look into the description.

The data that is collected from candidates must be treated as confidential and shouldn’t be given access to everyone in your organisation. Sharing the data with third parties is prohibited.

We know that you sometimes have to repost the same job post for some positions with high turnover rates. But do keep in mind about posting the same content multiple times. Also posting a job across multiple locations when hiring is only for a particular place is not encouraged. When job seekers search based on the location they expect a genuine job at that location, so spamming there won’t help with the original post or hiring as most will think it is a fake job post.

It is ideal for firms with positions open in multiple locations like hotels or fast-food chains.

3)  Job posting should always be free for job seekers.

It is one of the important things to keep in mind while posting a job. Keep the job posting accessible for all. Most job seekers don’t have the necessary resources so applying for jobs should be kept free. Otherwise Great talents might miss out and it will be a loss for the company too.

We at, strive to promote free and accessible jobs to all job seekers irrespective of their background. Eligible job seekers will get an equal opportunity here and those who ask for payments of any kind from job seekers will not be tolerated. We will remove that kind of job post immediately without any intimation.

4)  Application process must be easy

We have all been in a stage where the application process is too lengthy or confusing that we gave up halfway. So keeping that in mind, the process of application must be as easy as possible.

The process needs to be easy to navigate and accessible to all regardless of their age, gender, class or any other things. Inclusivity is the core at Hireclap, we don’t allow discrimination on any level and jobs posted here must adhere to that. While posting jobs, it’s your responsibility to explain the eligibility and whom you are looking for.

One thing we would like to suggest is to include gender-neutral job titles and avoid age discrimination. If a job seeker thinks he/she can do that job, don’t limit them by age or gender.

5)  Being Honest and Transparent while hiring.

By being openly honest with your job posting, you can hire the best talent that will complement your work culture. He/she will be sticking around longer than others and they will fit right into the job roles you hired them for.

So at, we make sure that none of our job seekers is fooled and cheated by fraudulent posts. The onus is on those who post jobs on Hireclap, to be Honest, and Transparent with their hiring needs and Qualifications. The more Truthful you are with the job post the better will be your hiring talent and there would be less churn in the company. is one of India’s best free job posting sites. Post your latest job openings and hire the best talent for your company quickly from