Sales Manager Interview Questions

Sales being the Important revenue source of most firms, every employer wants to hire the best. This makes sales manager interview questions all the more important to prepare beforehand.

Sales Manager Interview Questions

Here are the important sales manager interview questions.

Why Do You Want To Work In Sales?

There are only a few professions that can sharpen ones thought process, communication, strategic thinking & power of persuasion, Plus i’m a People person; i love to interact with new people. Though the pressure in sales is much more than in other professions, the growth i.e. both professionally & financially is paramount. Thus I am confident that sales suit my skill set perfectly and i have always been mesmerized by sales.

Tell Me Something About Yourself?

For Freshers: Well, I have recently graduated from ABC University with a degree in XYZ. I love to (hobbies). I feel I have acquired the right knowledge to start a professional career with a Well known firm. Apart from this, I am also well versed with a variety of computer software.

For Experienced: I have experience of ABC years in the field of AAA. I love to (hobbies). I am a goal-oriented person & have worked on various projects despite obstacles. I learn every day & always look forward to accepting challenges at the workplace.

Handled a Sales Team Before?

Yes, I have handled a sales team before. In fact, my team have successfully achieved almost all the targets given on monthly basis. I am a strong believer in teamwork thus the relationship between my team & me has always been professional yet great.

Sell Me This Pen?

Don’t fret over it, The Person doesn’t want you to sell that pen to him, instead he will look at how you approach selling of that particular item.

Three things to keep in mind:

Need of the item for him/her : This about it and makes points to justify the need.

Ask Questions : You can’t just barrage the buyer with loudness, throwing beautiful words and ballooning insignificant features. Ask the buyer of his need and wants , his usage etc.

Being honest/Realistic with features : Don’t ever try to Conjure up silly and insignificant features to the buyer, it will only hurt your integrity and reputation. You can enhance a feature or two but don’t over do it.

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