Joining a Company? Do some Research First !

Getting a Job itself is a wonderful occasion, But do you ever think beyond the glamour/PR or the pay?

The Billion dollar question is ” Is this the Firm you dreamt off “. It is very essential to know this beforehand, so that you won’t regret it later.

Researching about the company is the only way around this, as it will clear any doubts in your mind and provide insights about the working conditions there.

So let me show some ways to research the company before you sign up for it.

How to Research About a Company?

There are few ways that can help you to do the research.


The best avenue to get an absolute peek about the company is by listening to the employees who worked there.

One of the best company reviews can be found on Glassdoor.

These reviews give a overview of what’s going on in the company and this will help you to make a well informed decision.

You can read reviews of the employees to know about the salary , management , working conditions etc.

Work Life Balance ( Inner Peace )

What’s a good salary gonna do when you have to slug in a office for 10 -15 hrs and have to work even on the holidays?

Always look at the number of working hours they offer, any OT (over time) Benefits and the number of days of work.

Remember a Healthy Mind and Body is Important too.

Benefits ( Who doesn’t need it )

The companies now a days attract Talent with benefits and perks as Salaries may be the same across the field in a particular position. These benefits may include Healthcare, Free/partially funded Up-skilling courses, Team Holidays etc.

So choose the best one for you.

Chain of Command

With better knowledge about the structure of management in a company you can decide if it’s a well oiled adaptable organisation.

Working in a Well defined environment will help to you be less stressful and more productive.

Performance of the company

No one wants to work in a company that’s actually struggling to even stay a float, So do learn about the company’s performance financially and market wise.

Check if they are Growing or has the potential to grow in the future. Try the Business sites, Magazines/Articles and even company websites.

Ask with your Network

Do ask your Friends or even their friends, if anyone ever worked in the company. Ask them about the company.

A great place to Do this is Linkedin. You can expand your network there, connect with relevant people and get the info needed.

Latest News

In the current digital world every company is present in almost all the top social media platforms , bet it Twitter, Facebook , Youtube, Instagram. Choose your preferred media and follow them.

Also check out the Business Journals, Online publications , News Media or Blogs.

Not everyone can work in an Environment, So Finding the Right job at the Right company is End Game. It will help in your professional career growth.

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