Highest Paid Jobs for Freshers in India 2022

List of top highest-paid jobs in India for freshers 


  1. Machine learning 
  2. Software Developer
  3. Merchant navy
  4. Data scientist 
  5. Doctor
  6. Cloud Architect
  7. Civil service
  8. Charted accountant
  9. Digital Marketing


Entering the job market after finishing college as a fresher is a peculiar time when one needs to find his/her dream job. But when you actually start scouting for the job you want, it will not offer the pay you had in your mind after burning the midnight oil for all those years.


If the job you wanted didn’t pay what you want or deserve then you will have to look at other options that will help you reach that pay. Finding the highest-paid jobs in India for freshers is not that hard, and when you find them it will be a lot easier to focus on that goal and do things which will help you to land that dream job with the pay you deserve. You can easily find jobs for freshers from popular job sites like Hireclap.com.

Here we are going to list the top 9 highest-paid fresher jobs in India, it is a mixed category with popular jobs and ones that have few takers thus raising the payout. So one must be willing to factor in the hard work and initial struggle when deciding on these jobs as they might be entirely different to what you have graduated on.



Machine Learning


The rapid growth in AI be it in autonomous driving or connected home devices have given rise to plenty of demand for machine learning. A machine learning expert is the one who is responsible for creating data models. This huge demand for machine learning experts has given rise to a high pay package with freshers’ average salary starting at 5.5 Lakhs per annum. 


Basic Qualifications for a Machine learning expert.

Post graduation in Mathematics/Statistics with great knowledge in data modelling and programming along with more than 2 years of experience.

Skills required for a Machine learning expert:

  • Knowledge in programming
  • Good understanding of probability and statistics
  • Being accustomed to data modelling and evaluation.

Source: Ambitionbox.com


Software Developer


Software is the buzz for the Indian economy for the past decade, with jobs and salaries rising more rapidly than the rest of the industries it’s no wonder that most people are eager to join this sector. There are a lot of jobs for freshers in the IT sector. A good developer/ engineer who is starting as a fresher in the industry will get an average salary of 3.6 lakhs per annum, but it can also reach 10 lakhs per annum depending on your skills and talents.

Even in the software industry coders are only one part of the equation, if you want to earn more than just a base salary you will have to become a Full stack developer. You will be able to develop software for both the client and server sides. This increases your value and thus you will be paid handsomely.

If you love to work in a dynamic industry where everything keeps changing constantly, where you would be challenged with skills and problems, keeping up to date with current conditions, which offers you one of the best salary payouts and the ability to move up the ladder pretty quickly then you have to be in the software industry, look for fresher job trends in the sector and move accordingly.


Qualification for a Full stack developer:


Skills needed for a developer:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Analytical Mind
  • Great focus and a creative mind.
  • Attention to details

Source: Ambitionbox.com




In a country of 1.4 Billion people, this segment of the profession is underserved as the number of lawyers per lakh of people is just around 100. With the rising demand for justice and the setting up of courts at the lower levels, the demand for good lawyers is here to stay for a long time. So freshers can get a job without much hassle. A lot of lawyers are setting up their own legal firms that in turn help the jobs for freshers scene in the legal industry.

This job demands experience and your work success determines your payout. Plus the area in which you are working also counts as lawyers in the corporate sector earning much higher than those working at the district level. A corporate lawyer will earn a starting salary of 7 lakhs per year. 

You can choose your specialization, be it civil, criminal or new age fields such as cyber crimes. The perfect way to ensure you get a good payout is by working with experienced people, gaining insights and knowledge along with a good track record. That doesn’t mean you should win every case you represent.



L.L.B/ L.L.M

Skills Desired:

  • Great focus and the ability to grasp things quickly
  • Attention to details
  • Great understanding of laws and regulations.

Source: Ambitionbox.com


Merchant Navy


People who dreamt of riding the waves in the Indian Navy but couldn’t and the regular folks who want a good salary can fulfil their desire of being on a ship travelling all around the world with plenty of adventures can join the Merchant navy. 

The fresher job salary in the merchant navy is all over, but if you join a good company you can expect a salary of about 50 – 80 lakhs per annum. This depends on the role that you will be assuming and the experience you have. 

With the salary being this high and the ability to see the world, there are downsides to this also with you being away from family for a long time, the dangers of the high seas etc.

A lot of International shipping and marine companies are increasing their hiring from India which inturn creates a lot of jobs for freshers, so be on the look out and follow those companies on their social media platforms.



B.Tech in Marine Engineering 

B.S.c / Diploma in Nautical Science


Skills Desired:

  • Great Swimmer
  • Ability to keep calm in difficult situations
  • Quick Thinking
  • Problem solver


Data Scientist


In a world where everything runs on data, data has become the new oil. The demand for data both from the consumer side and from the industry side has risen dramatically so much that it can even decide whether your firm survives or not in the next few years.

In such an environment the data science scene has changed and advanced so rapidly that from being a niche area it has become the hottest fresher job in the market. 

Everyone and everything connected to a mobile or a system need the service of a data scientist/ analyst. They give valuable feedback to the firm in order to make their organisation efficient and change according to the prevailing market conditions.

The average salary of an entry-level fresher job in data science is about 7 – 7.5 lakhs per annum. Like any other IT job, the pay depends on your job location and the company. A mid-level data scientist will earn in the range of 13 – 15 lakhs per annum. Now, that’s a payout you wish you had right?

Data scientists in top IT hubs like Bangalore, Noida/NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc earn more than the rest.


Skills Required:

  • Programming Skills
  • Knowledge of analytical tools
  • Data mining and processing
  • Technical skills



Engineers / Graduates

Source: Ambitionbox.com



India is in no way reaching the saturation point for doctors as we have only recently breached the WHO standard of 1 doctor per 1000 people. Bear in mind this like a bare minimum level and most of these doctors serve in Tier – 1 and 2 cities. The need for doctors is high in India and for trained Indian doctors across the middle east and African nations.

An average salary of a fresher doctor in India ranges from 6 lakhs onwards, but this is depended on the location, hospital and specialization.  The more experienced and specialized you are the more payment you will receive. For in-demand doctors such as cardiologists or orthopaedic surgeons, the salary will be as high as 18 lakhs per annum.

So if you have a dedicated mind and determination you can become a doctor with career prospects looking well into the future.

Source: Ambitionbox.com

Cloud Architect


In a world where physical storage is becoming obsolete and the cloud is the new norm, companies are scrambling for more cloud-based solutions. In this new star field, there are a lot of opportunities for people with good knowledge of cloud architecture and software like AWS, Microsoft AZURE and Google Cloud Services. With starting salaries from 6 lakhs per annum and being in a position to earn close to 21 lakhs per annum with a few years of experience.

Skills required:

  • Good understanding of Cloud Architecture
  • Knowledge of AWS, Azure and Google cloud services


Any Graduation ( Computer preferred) with Certification and a bit of  experience in the cloud Architecture

Certification in all or any one of the cloud services is a big necessity.

Source: Ambitionbox.com

Civil Service


One of the most coveted jobs in India according to all the parents out there, Civil service is not just another job it is a responsibility towards the nation. You as a civil servant act as the arm of the government connecting to people and serving them. 

The salary of a civil servant is around 12 lakhs per annum plus you will get more perks in addition to being a central government employee. 

The toughest part is to clear the UPSC exam, which will decide your options of joining which branch of the civil service. Once you join you will have a steady career and pay scales are linked to your promotions and experience.


Chartered Accountant


With the Income tax department looming over every transaction with the use of AI and other technology it has become imperative to keep one’s balance sheet clean and up to date. It is here where the skills and expertise of a chartered accountant come into play.


With the need to file taxes being mandatory and a necessity, there is a high demand for fresher CA’s. Their salaries can range from 15 lakhs onwards for freshers, which depends on the skills you have. Usually, the starting salary will be 7 – 9 lakhs per annum and this could be raised pretty quickly if you have the expertise. The main thing here is that you have to pass the 3- tier exam which is conducted by the ICAI in order to get the required training and certification. There are plenty of jobs for freshers in the CA area with demand far outstripping supply.



Graduate / PG in commerce ( preferred )

Any graduates with 60% marks.

Source: Ambitionbox.com


Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has been a rising trend among the young generation of fresher workers as they didn’t want to be confined to a cubicle. This job offered them the flexibility to work from anywhere with internet connectivity. So when the pandemic hit the interest and demand for digital marketers skyrocketed. This job is for those who want to enter the workforce with the right set of skills to make money on their own. You can demand higher pay if you have the talent and portfolio to back your case.

In this profession, one doesn’t need much of a higher education as anyone with a degree and a good understanding of marketing while being tech savvy can do wonders here. With starting salary of around 4 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum.

Source: Ambitionbox.com



Tips for Freshers jobs.


With millions of students passing out each year, having a good academic record isn’t good enough anymore. There will be hundreds of fresher students if not thousands with the same qualifications as you applying for the same jobs as you. So how do you get in front of the order?  Here are a few tips to keep in mind while applying for jobs for freshers:


Explore your job market.


You may have studied or joined a course 3 -5 years ago thinking of the demand then, but the market could have drastically changed by the time you pass out. So look around and find out which are the in-demand fresher jobs for the next 2-3 years and ones where competition is less. You will have more chances of landing a good-paying job. 


Build a proper resume/ Video resume aka Visume 


Having a proper Resume with keywords relating to the particular job can make you stand out from other freshers. Be simple and to the point. In the case of video resumes, present yourself nicely, be confident and express yourself, and bring positivity to the whole process. Create your first video resume at https://www.hireclap.com/jobseeker/register 


Improve the communication skills


The corporate world needs only people who are efficient and able to communicate things clearly. So improve your English communication as it has become the de facto language in the industry.

Remember good communication is the key to success for a fresher and that includes landing a job.


Apply for internships.


Right after you graduate start applying for internships where you want to work. Experience the work environment, take in all the thighs you get to learn and learn new skills that are at present relevant for that job. 

This will also help you to get into that work mode/ mentality away from the years of educational mode. Plus you will have some work experience which is now normal even if the job is for freshers.


Networking and Researching 


Reaching out to people on networking sites early on will help you to get references and people will be willing to forward your fresher job resume to their respective HRs directly. Building a strong professional network does wonder for your career. All the jobs for freshers might not be advertised in public, some jobs are filled through referrals also so keep connecting with people in the field.

Before you blindly apply for every job listed, do basic research and see which all are suitable for you, don’t waste your employer’s time and yours as non-matching profiles will be rejected immediately.



With Sky being the limit these are the top 9 highest-paid fresher jobs in India for 2022. If you are looking for the highest payout jobs for freshers go for one of these and prepare for them. Check out Hireclap.com  to get the latest job alerts for freshers.