Benefits of Asynchronous video interviews

The Intent behind Asynchronous video interviews i.e Pre recorded videos is that it will help the recruiter to ease their hiring process. This will not burn you out by doing back to back calls all day. You can watch their interview anytime and at your own pace/comfort level.

This makes it scalable and inclusive. Lets see few benefits of this:


Better Experience

Its better for candidate as he can feel free, without any anxiety and can record the interview in his own pace. Also the recruiter will also be better placed in this environment as he doesn’t need to keep repeating same questions or come up with different questions each time and can review the video interview at his will.

Reduced Bias and improved quality evaluations

The risk of Bias is always present in a physical interview process as humans are inherently build like that. Similarly the evaluations can be bit tricky as well as there can be errors. This all can be avoided largely with pre recorded interviews.

An inclusive process

In this way we don’t discriminate candidates based on anything, be it his/her background or his college name. This a fool proof way to be Inclusive and get a good reputation in the market.

Reduce your hiring time and cost

Imagine the time,cost involved in planning a Hiring for one particular Position.Now multiply it for several posts in a year. That all can be reduced significantly with Online process with the help of pre recorded interviews.

Tougher Screening practices

The tools and services offered by Hireclap makes it easier to screen candidates in any way the recruiter wants to get the right candidates for the right post.