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Tips to ace your next virtual interview

Corona virus pandemic has given an opportunity to work from anywhere - That of-course helped to increase opportunity for more people to come towards work . This options obviously in-turn increased the competition in the job market.

So for a given opportunity , in the upcoming days we can expect more applicants. Virtual interviews will be the common mode of hiring - that will provide more convenience to attend the interviews without traveling & attend interview from anywhere as per your convenience. This virtual interview mode also automatically increase the overall applicants & interview attendance count 

So you can expect more competitions.

Virtual interview its important to impress online. Here are few tips to ace your virtual interview better 

-Focus on what, where & how you say 

-Try to connect your interests , passions with companies values

-Your background during interview  (Try to signal who you are - may be book shelf with what you read etc)

- Make sure voice is clearly audible, talk slowly - emphasise on  main points 

Practice your virtual interviews. Speak to the camera, record it , review by yourself & take help from your friends to review. 

At Hireclap we help jobseekers to create 2 min introduction visume - You can create this by just creating a profile at , these profiles will be shared with actively hiring employees to increase the opportunity to attend virtual interviews 

All the best for your next virtual interview 


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