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Asynchronous Video Interview : Hireclap Recruitment Solutions

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, face-to-face interviews are often avoided or postponed. We at understand this and so brought out a solution to simplify your recruitment process with our pre-set or one way interview tool. (

All a recruiter needs to do is the following :-
1. Create an asynchronous video interview with pre set questions.
2. Share the URL through your job post /form or to candidates.
3. Candidates undertakes the one way interview by using the link.
4. View / review the recorded videos at your convenience.
5. Select or shortlist the best from the recorded videos.
6. Download the report in an excel sheet for analysis or for record. 

Bulk hiring companies especially in the BPO or IT Service industry can leverage our "One way interview" tool to assess the communication skills of candidates with minimum utilization of time and resources. (

The URL with pre-set questions are shared to candidates. Candidates use this link to answer the questions in a calm and stress free environment, by accessing the link through their laptop or Mobiles at their convenience.

Recruiters or Interviewers can view and review these videos answers of candidates at their convenience and choose the best candidate.

Case Study : A prominent Ed- Tech Company needed to hire 1000 associates in a very short span of time with just 3-4 recruiters available. They received 13 thousand profiles of candidates and needed to check for their communication skills and sales ability. So they created pre-set questions into the video interview tool and shared the URL to all the 13 thousand candidates. Out of the 13 thousand candidates, 6217 candidates undertook the video test through the URL. Now the recruiters could quickly evaluate the communication skills and sales ability by reviewing the video answers and shortlisted 2636 for final round.

Similarly recruiters of BPO companies for whom assessing the communication skills of a candidate is very critical and a long drawn tedious process, can simplify their process by this one way interview tool.

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