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6 Most common and frequently asked interview question and sample answers

6 Most common and frequently asked interview question and sample answers

Q1  Tell us something about yourself ?

-This is an opportunity for you to showcase your communications skills. The interview wants to know you beyond your CV. They want to know who you are as a person. They are also looking at how confident you are in presenting yourself. So keep your introduction brief and also interesting. 

You can say like -  My name is Anu and I am a hardworking management graduate from XYZ university with an overall CGPA of 9. I have also done Digital marketing courses from Coursera. Because my father was in the army, I had the privilege of growing up in more than 4 to 5 cities across India. In my free time, I like to indulge in sports, particularly football and tennis.

It is just a sample introduction for your reference. Frame your introduction such a way that your 2 min introduction create a very good first impression 

Q2 What are your strengths ?

-Here the interviewer is asking this to know if you are aware of your strengths. So, when you are talking about your strengths, you must be confident but you should also make sure that you are not overconfident. Talk about a couple of your strengths and also give examples from your life where these strengths have been reflected.      

For example - you can say I have good leadership skills. In college, I was the captain of the basketball team and not only that in my final year I led my college to victory in one of the most prestigious inter-college fests.

Q3 What are your weaknesses ?

-It’s important to stay positive throughout the interview. So choose the right words and be prepared. Talk about the things you are not good at but also mention the steps you have taken to overcome them. 

For example - You may struggle with time management. So you can say that I have difficulties managing my time. I either work too much which hampers my personal life or I get too lazy which is a hurdle to my professional life. But during my last internship, I tried to maintain a work-life balance and followed a proper routine.

We will be covering more most common, frequently asked questions in the upcoming videos 

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